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Sunday, September 18, 2011

How To Make Chocolate Frogs. Inspired by Monty Python and J.K Rowling's Harry Potter

Ranon's Chocolate Frogs with crunchy bones

Well if you took the bones out, they wouldn't be crunchy, would they?

Chocolate frogs are actually very easy to make, and they don't even have to be frogs. You could make any shape that you can get (or make) a mould for.

I made these chocolate frogs suitable for a vegan diet so that everyone can enjoy them, but you can swap and change ingredients to your own taste. It's an incredibly simple recipe.

300g Dark chocolate (I prefer Green & Blacks 70%)
Gummy Bears (I used Vegebears)
Rice cereal (I used Rice Krispies)

A frog mould (I bought mine here)
Heatproof bowls
Microwave or hob to melt the chocolate

Use as many bears as you would like, and rip/chop them up in to pieces. These will be the guts!

You could use any gummy sweets for this, worms or liquorice laces would work and give an even better guts-like effect inside the finished frog.

Pour approximately 4 cups of rice cereal in to a large bowl.

This will be the bowl you're going to mix everything up in, so make sure you have enough room to be stiring in more ingredients.

You will need to first melt 100g of the chocolate, and coat the insides of the frog moulds by pouring a small amount in and moving the mould around in your hands to manipulate the chocolate in to covering every part. This will be the frogs skin.

Make sure every part of the inner mould is coated, or you will end up with deformed frogs.
Which could actually be pretty cool if you used white chocolate with green and red gummies, as then you would have ZOMBIE FROGS!

Pour the gummy sweets, and 150g of melted chocolate in to the bowl with the rice cereal.

Stir it all up until everything is covered in chocolate.

Make sure your frog moulds have set, and the chocolate has hardened.

Spoon the mixture in to each frog. These are the guts and bones! Squish the mixture in with the back of the spoon so that the mixture lays just below the mould level.

Melt the remaining 50g of chocolate, and pour in to the moulds. This will seal your frog up, and be the belly skin so that their bones and guts are fully disguised ready to surprise whoever bites in to them!

When I made these, I didn't measure out the ingredients too accurately, as I had a plan for the left-overs...

...Rice Krispie Gooey Treats With Cherries On Top!

These would be PERFECT as a Halloween treat, or at any kids party. If anyone tries out the 'zombie frogs', please let us know! We would LOVE to hear about how they turned out and see what they look like.



  1. Oh my, I'm so gonna keep this recipe handy! Chocolate frogs for a HP themed party for say... Halloween?? I'm having some ideas brewing now!!

  2. You could make wands too! Long pretzel sticks, dip in chocolate, and roll in edible glitter!

  3. Ohhh, I want to eat all of these. I'm definitely going to share this on my blog.