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Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Herbolution Treat!

Hey everyone, it's Sunday and that means it's my turn (Ranon) to share something with you!

I'm really picky about any products that I'll use on my skin, and am wary of any product that I haven't researched or has been reccomended by someone I trust. Some facial cleaners out there are so harsh that they could probably be mistaken for toilet cleaners, and would you ever consider stripping the natural oils from your face using toilet duck?

Be wary of all natural ingredients, and don't blindly buy a product that tells you that it is 'all natural'. Ricin, for example, is a well known naturally occuring poison. If it was bottled and labelled 'Natural Organic Ricin', people would likely buy and consume it believing it to be good for them.

Did you know that 'Finished product not tested on animals' basically translates to 'This product is made up of ingredients that have been tested on animals'? Well, you do now. Little loopholes like that are tricky, and perfectly legal.

I'd heard good things about Herbolution and decided to try out some of their products. They clearly label everything, even the samples! So you always know exactly what it is you are using.

Here are the products I picked, and what I thought about them:

Organic Strawberry facial Scrub - A facial breakfast!

This smelled very sweet, even in powder form (to use, take a teaspoon amount of the powder, and add water to make a paste in the palm of your hand) . It smelled even better when I added the water to it, and was a total treat to use! It was so smooth as it went on, and my skin was left feeling soft and hydrated when I washed it off. I didn't need to scrub with it much at all, and it still gave my skin a real deeply cleansed feeling. This was my favourite of all the samples, and is the product I am going to be ordering next.

Strawberries are high in salicylic acid, which is very popular ingredient in acne creams and other products that are designed to eliminate pimples. Also, strawberries can help whiten skin pigments and blackheads and add a beautiful tone to your skin.

Next product was:

Facial Clay Herbal Detox Mask - Mud face!

This one also starts as a powder which you need to add water to, (you can also use herbal tea!) This was a really gooey heavy mask that feels amazing when you put it on. it's very luxurious and smells extremely fresh and soothing. As it's a mud mask, you can feel it tightening as it dries pulling out impurities from your skin. Lie back and relax while it does it's job and enjoy the aroma.
Once washed off, my skin was left feeling really smooth and clean, and I felt really relaxed for the rest of the day. Definitely a treat to make time for!

Pink Australian, French Green, White, and Rhassoul clays are extremely rich in nutrients and minerals, work together to pull away the dirt, grease, unplug stubborn blackheads, and nourish thirsty skin cells with food they need. Selected herbs - wheatgrass, rosehips, eleuthero and cucumber are known for their detoxifying properties and help your face clear up from zits, pimples and heal faster.

The third product was an Organic Chocolate Facial Polish, which I haven't used yet! It's for tomorrow morning :)
Yummmy! I can't wait!

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  1. Awesome post, I'm checking out the store now. How big are the samples? One use?

  2. I am SO getting some of the strawberry AND that mud mask. Maybe they will work on Evan, too! God knows teen skin is a FREAK OUT!!!

  3. They're just one use.. although I got two used out of the strawberry scrub!

    They should both be good for teen skin!

  4. I ordered a full size bottle of the strawberry yesterday, and a sample of some toning water. I LOVE that they do samples, and will most likely end up using many more products from them if they're anything as good as this stuff.

  5. Holy moly! Now I just need to decide what to get!

  6. I've tried some of their stuff and it's pretty awesome, and I really love that they have so many samples!

  7. They're so awesome, yesterday I got a little note and a refund for some of the shipping costs. It was barely anything, but it's so sweet that they do that.