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Sunday, November 6, 2011

All I Want For Christmas!

Hey everyone, just a short post from me today, so I thought I'd share a very small section of my wishlist with you. Hopefully you'll see something you love too, and will take the time to click through and visit the artisan pages.

Here we go :)

I would like...

This Sweet Print By Gorjuss:

This Quirkalicious Jack Russell Terrier Print by Krissi

This Relove Planet 'Steamdoll' dress:

Some Herbolution Skincare Goodies:

A Fundemental Tote from Brooke Van Gory:

and a...

A Bicycle Tyre Belt by Andrew Dietch:


  1. oooh what an awesome list! I'm flattered that my dress is in there! xoxo :D

  2. Loving that print and the dress is super cute!!!

  3. Dang. That's some good wishlist action there. *adds tire belt, face goodies and yet another BVG bag to wishlist*

  4. What an awesome list! So many more goodies added to mine...

  5. This IS an awesome list. I want a tyre belt too. And now I want a dress like that as well!!! **runs to add to list**

  6. Hannah banana posted a picture of herself in another of Bianca's dresses this morning, and I want than one even more too! I'm vowing to work doubly hard after my break and treat myself for Xmas... Or get hud on the case!