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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Interior Design by Independent Designers.

The other day I was thinking, (You probably heard those mechanical gears grinding!) and I wondered if it would be possible to kit out your entire LIFE with independently produced and handmade items.

It's a common misconception that handmade items go no further than hand sewn pin cushions, and greetings cards made from kits. Well, how wrong can one be?

This wrong!

I thought I'd try and kit out a HOME using only Artfire & Etsy!

For the Living Room:

This contemporary 'Peas in a Pod' sofa/armchairs
from Phillipa Blackmore in New Zealand.

For the Kitchen:

This Upcycled Butchers Block
from WildWillowLeaves in USA

For the Dining Room:

This Urban Farmhouse Dining Room Set
from ModernRust in USA

For the Main Bedroom:

This Mission Style Super King Size Bed
from Steve Maxfield in England

For the Kids Room:

Jewel The Rocking Unicorn
from Trott Wood Creations in USA

For the Guest Room:

This Brown & Green Apples Lampshade
from Fabulously Fierce in USA

And finally, for the Bathroom:

This Beehive Rag Rug
from Exciting Recycling in Australia

So next time you're thinking about heading to Ikea for some flat-pack sawdust filled, acrylic veneered furniture, try looking online first. No one REALLY wants to have the exact same dining room table as everyone else, do they?

Ranon LaZombie is 'attempting world domination via the medium of cute zombies' and owner of Rocky the Zombie designs


  1. I would love to have a completely handmade home!! Thanks for featuring my lampshade :)

  2. I agree with Kylie, I'd love to have a fully handmade home! But I'll surely have loads of handmade decor if not as much furniture!