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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Broken Arrow - Stones For Your Bones

Broken Arrow - Stones For Your Bones. Rock & Roll Jewellery.

Broken Arrow is the creation of Elle Sexton, from Hampshire, UK.
(All images property of Broken Arrow)

I love finding new independent designers, even more so when they're local to me. It's so exciting to see work that has been created for the love of the design and for the finished piece, and I'm always seeing new ideas and intricate work that completely amazes me.

If you add the Broken Arrow Facebook Page, you can see that a lot of the necklaces and bracelets can be custom made to your own specifics, such as colours, lengths, and detailing. While it's getting very close to Christmas, and is probably too late for gift shopping from afar, it's never to late to treat yourself to something special... and you really should treat yourself to something from Broken Arrow, as it really is truely special.

The quotes from the site itself explain everything in a much better way than I could even dream of.

Formed in 2011, Broken Arrow is the jewellery you don't want to take off. The silver with the story behind it; Perhaps once clutched in hands in a faraway place. The feathers you collected as a child whilst wandering through the forest. The skulls because you're rock and roll and a beaten pair of boots are rarely off your feet.

For Gypsies who wear all their treasures at once.


Broken Arrow uses the finest .925, sterling silver, and gold filled components wherever possible. Combined with beautiful natural elements, it will not tarnish like costume jewellery, it will age, like your favourite leather bag.

I'm not going to preach the 'buy handmade' message, because I don't think I need to. I think that it goes without saying that if you want to buy and wear something that is truely unique, and that has been made to a very high standard then you need to search out the independent designers, and be confident that by choosing to make your purchase from an independent retailer, your custom has been noted, acknowledged, and most importantly, appreciated!

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Visit the official Broken Arrow website.

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  1. I LOVE this shop, thanks Ranon! This shop is going on my wishlist! The color combos they use are amazing!

  2. Awesome shop, thanks for sharing, Rhi!

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