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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ode to toast.

Toast is amazing, you've got to admit. A big slice of french toast, loaded with fruit and Agave Nectar. Followed with a cup of traditionally brewed hot tea. Perfection really.

Toast is better than any regular bread ;) and Agave Nectar instead of syrup, because, it's a natural sweetner that isn't made from chemicals. Just ask Bianca - At ReLovePlan.et.

Or perhaps you would prefer some treat-tastic Monkey Bread, because you can only really be perfect and good 99.9% of the time ;) You will need to go and see my friend Deb - OnCupCakeMoon for for information about that utter delight.

And that concludes my very short 'Ode To Toast', I hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Yum for toast! I'll add an epilogue with that once I can open my KA and make the French Toast cupcakes!!! Hooray!!

  2. OMG, this post is AWESOME. And we are making out grocery list right now, so now I need to put French Toast on the dinner menu for the week. :D

  3. I'm not a bread person, but I do grind all my wheat and make my own bread and it sure is good fresh with butter. You can make maple syrup with the agave to :) We make all our syrup as well. I'd feed the kids the real stuff, but it'd cost me a dang fortune! French toast is good stuff :)