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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Review of 'Hannah Banana Bakery' Vegan Chocolate Truffles

This week was one of the greatest week ever, because I got my very first taste of Hannah Banana Bakery Chocolate Truffles!

Ta daaaa!

The best thing about Hannah Banana treats, are that they're not only made with the best chocolate and ingredients, they're also completely vegan (free of egg, dairy, and any animal product) which not only makes them perfect for vegans, but those who suffer with allergies to such ingredients.

All of the cakes can be ordered gluten free, for those who may have a wheat allergy, and sugar-free for diabetics. Hannah Banana Bakery would never use un-safe ingredients, it's one thing being kind to animals, but don't forget the humans! For this reason you will never find a nasty chemical sweetner in any of the Hannah Banana Bakery products.

It was hard for me to choose a favorite in this box of deliciousness, but I think it may be a tie between the white chocolate covered fudge (with sexy animal print pattern!)...... OR

The dark chocolate hazelnut truffle of ultimate deliciousness!

There was also an incredible golden peanut butter cup (that's the golden one in the top corner of the box!), which I bet I could eat 100 of... infact if anyone would like me to prove this, just send 100 Hannah Banana Peanut Butter cups this way.

This was my first experience trying white vegan chocolate, and I was very impressed. Infact I'm pretty certain that in a blind taste test, not a single person would guess that there's no milk in any of these chocolates. This means that not only are these are great gift for vegans, they are also a great gift for anyone.

Hannah Banana Bakery Website
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For your viewing pleasure:

Currently only available within the EU. Due to insurance reasons Hannah Banana Bakery is unable to ship internationally.

This post was written by M.R. Riveter Ranon LaZombie. Owner and creator of Rocky the Zombie designs


  1. I am drooling over here. DROOLING........

  2. I'm also drooling... I need to pay a visit to you, Tom and to Hannah Banana yumminess!!

  3. bah! whyyy did I come check out this post?!!! I want her truffles soooo badly!!! I am always drooling all over my keyboard whenever I see her stuff on Facebook. I am so incredibly envious!!!!