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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ask Krissi's Art Studio: Easy/Quick DIY for Cleaning Silver

Union Riveter Krissi Sandvik is back with another tutorial. This one would be fun to do with the kids over the summer - it's housework disguised as a science project!
Here is a DIY on how to quickly clean that pesky tarnished silver without any elbow grease using stuff you have around the kitchen.

Krissi Sandvik is the artist and owner of Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty and Friends in Folsom (yes, like the prison) California, where she resides with her husband, cats, tortoise and Jack Russell Terrier, Abby. Krissi, claims to have been raised by a pack of wild attorneys, was unofficially named "best tutorialer on the web" by her friend Rachelle Rose .


  1. Great video! Very timely post, I was looking for a way to polish my silver figurines, this is perfect, thanks!

  2. I love this, because it gave my 11 year old a visual on how to clean the silver! ;) LOL!