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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mail Art - Wenchkin Style

Starting now, the Union Riveters are slowly starting to think about New Year's Resolutions. Wenchkin has a really cool idea that almost EVERYOINE could get into. Getting mail is AWESOME , and it it is mail art, then it is 10 times more amazing! This would also be a really fun project for kids!

For the new year I had decided instead of making a resolution I would instead take on a 365 day project inspired by Noah Scalin, whose project grew into Skull-A-Day who I have actively followed for awhile now. As many skulls as I draw I was not sure I wanted to do a skull a day myself and after having started screen printing my own cards and sending them to fans someone mentioned mail art.

I asked what is mail art?
I was told, you make art, you mail it. There are no rules.
I started networking and sending stuff back and forth to other people and I am hooked. I love getting stuff in the mail that is not bills.

I first started out just printing my own cards and sending them to anyone willing to send me an address since most mail is done postcard size and a postcard stamp is only 29 cents. I like to make flat note cards and send them in envelopes so it costs me 44 cents each but in my opinion the little bit of change is worth the smile.

Now I had originally planned to start this January 1st but I got myself into the habit weeks ago of getting up getting coffee and making a piece of mail art right away before I go on with the rest of my day. I just decided three days ago to stop waiting till the first and just start doing it, if you care to watch me loose my mind trying to keep this going over the next year you can do so here.

Here are just a few

Now, the other thing I wanted to mention is when I started talking about this I had a few people write me saying they were inspired to send people stuff themselves. I think this is great. You do not have to be a mail artist or even an artist per se to be able to mail people fun stuff. Buy old cards from a thrift store and send them to friends for fun. Like I was told there are no rules to this, just do it for the fun of it. Who does not love mail??

Wenchkin is an amazing artist, specializing in muerto-inspired drawings, and thick black outlines. You can find her on Google+, on Facebook, or you can shop her ArtFire shop! She currently resides in Albuquerque with artist Scott Krichau, and their tripod Jack Russell "P."

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  1. LOVE!! I'll be starting my mail art on January 2nd :)