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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Spa Therapy Works- A Treat for Your Skin

Since the holiday season has been kind to all of the Union Riveters, we all have been slacking on posts over here. Most of us are also shop owners, and are getting overwhelmed by the holiday season, which is good for us, but not so good for Modern Rosies. We will soon be back to a regular posting schedule, have no fear!!

I am going to start off this post by saying this: Not ONE single person I have suggested this shop, has ever NOT loved it, and become addicted. And when I say "addicted" I mean it. I have over 10 deodorant bars from Spa Therapy on my dresser at this very second.
The journey that brought me to Spa Therapy, and it's beautiful owner Jussara, is not a pleasant one. When I was 5 months pregnant with my now-toddler, I had a very large lump removed from my right breast. Being pregnant, they could not perform actual surgery on me, but they needed to remove the mass, so they took SO MANY biopsy slices, that they eventually eliminated the lump, and a bunch of tissue around it as well. Nothing I want to go through again.
Well, the doctor I have for breast health is renowned for her care, and sat down and explained to me how the good old mammary glands SHOULD function. She then went on to tell me that there are situations that can cause lumps to form, even ones that are not-cancerous (mine ended up being suspicious, so we keep track of them). She then went on to start talking about my pits, and deodorant. I was confused, how does my pit-stick have anything to do with my boobs? Well, in regular "deodorant" the cosmetic people put in aluminum which essentially CLOGS the pores of your skin. It plugs up those pores like a cork, not allowing any moisture to escape. That is what makes a deodorant an "anti-antiperspirant". This eventually can lead to lumps, and cysts, and all sorts of fun stuff. Plus, there are MAMMARY GLANDS IN YOUR PITS! Should I be breastfeeding, I most CERTAINLY would not want traces of any of that crap being "fed" to my child!!!
I dunno about you all, but I am a firm believer in letting the body do what it needs to survive. Your skin is MEANT to sweat, and perspire, that is it's function. If you plug those ducts, you are trapping bacteria, and all the impurities that the skin would normally sweat out IN your body.
So enter Spa Therapy Works. On the suggestion of my doctor, I started researching alternatives to regular over-the-counter deodorant. Two words sum up why I first tried Jussara's deodorant: PINK CUPCAKE. Yep, if I was going to dive directly into the realm of non-traditional pit-stick, might as well do it smelling like a CUPCAKE!!!! Since then, I have not gone a day without wearing some Spa Therapy Deodorant. My current go-to scent is the Bourbon Vanilla (which to me smells like Vanilla Bean).

When I tell people about my deodorant, the first reaction is "OH! I have tried that, I smell after about 20 minutes, that crap doesn't work!" Well, first off, here is my testimony. Remember when I said that I was 5 months pregnant when I had my biopsy done? Well folks, Spa Therapy deodorant carried me through EIGHT HOURS OF LABOR. EIGHT! I only have to re-apply after my son was born.
One thing to remember, is when switching over, you need to allow your body to "cleanse" the pores in your pits. It may take a week or two to get rid of all the junk that is up in there, clogging up the works. I found that after about 3 weeks, I only have to apply in the morning, and I still smelled wonderful by bedtime. On hot summer days, it can be a LITTLE different, but I usually carry a stick in my bag, and re-apply if needed. I WOULD RATHER DO THIS THEN RISK MY HEALTH! Also..... MY ARMPITS SMELL LIKE A CANDY STORE!!

I have been reviewing DIY cosmetics and bath products for quite some time. Heck, I have even tried other handmade deodorants (which I would not suggest, it turned out AWFUL........). Spa Therapy Works is hands down the best deodorant on the market. I use it, my husband now uses it, and I even have my pre-teen son using it. Have you ever smelled a teen's armpits? THIS WORKS!!!!  The best part about Spa Therapy, is that she NOW offers deodorant samples! This is a perfect way to try out her product, smell different scents, and not buy the whole stick. I also use these little guys in my back-up bag, in case I have an emergency. (Like the other day when I had to hold my 40 pound toddler still during a one hour presentation... ICK!!)

You can find Spa Therapy on Etsy, and you can also follow her on Facebook, where she announces new products, and sales. And while you are there, try our a shaving soap, or facial bar. There is not a single product she makes that is not amazing!!



  1. *two thumbs up*

    I love the two that I have and now I reeeeealllllly want the Bourbon Vanilla!!

  2. You already know I much I love everything in Jus's shop, and how her deodorants are the only ones I'll use! And I just went and counted... I have 7 unopened sticks on my stock right now!

    And her sample sizes are PERFECT for travelling, I always take a pair with me on my trips to India, and they even work in the tropical climate there!!

  3. You know I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Bourbon Vanilla and now the spicy Pumpkin Pie. Want more proof that this stuff is awesome? Here: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=243829405646584

  4. I love this these pit sticks! Brooke I'm so thankful I happen to stumble upon your post on fb a while back. My favorite right now is summertime, though bouron vanilla is yummy.

  5. Yes this Etsy shop is awesome! I haven't tried the deodorant yet but her shaving soaps are just amazing!

  6. I use the Pink Cupcake and I love it!!! it was my dream deodorant (in terms of scent!) and it works!! it totally works, it doesn't have all the ugly stuff traditional deodorants have (I am so afraid of Aluminum haha) and I feel SO good using it. :) I'm planning on getting my second one, since I need a non-sweet scent. :)
    Great review!!