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Thursday, October 20, 2011

How to make an Umbrella Bat Hoodie

Today I thought I would go over how to make an Umbrella Bat Hoodie. This is one of my favorite Halloween ideas as it is creative and warm. It gets a bit too chilly here on an October night to be running around in a little skimpy costume unless it comes with a bacardigan. So I choose to make my outfits a little warmer. For this I am starting with a ten buck hoodie and buck umbrella from the Dollar Store.

Now I made a few mistakes in starting this that I do not want you to do. I had originally wanted to keep the metal parts attached to the umbrella. This made it impossible to work around and after I used a wire cutter to pop them all off I was left with sharp edges.
So, in retrospect I would now start with popping the cap off the end and cutting the umbrella in half.

Then I used an X-acto knife, you can use a seam ripper or scissors to cut off the tabs and the metal frame away from the umbrella.

I have been left with this, yours should not have the metal parts in it.

I then take a panel and line it up corner to corner and sew all the way down the length of the sleeve at the inside seam.

So then I have this, then I got back starting from the arm pit and sew the rest of the wing to the side seam of the shirt. I had planned to use a sewing machine, It gave me a meltdown and so I chose to do this manually, by hand, old school style.

So now I have this, at this point you can see I have already had my "eff these metal parts meltdown" and bagged them before continuing.

Then repeat on the opposite side.

I like the wings but I think they need a bit more style and I also want to add some ears so I go back and make more extreme cuts into the wings making them a little more bat like. I then set the scraps aside for the ears.

Now I have this.

I took two of the scraps and cut out triangular ears.

I then sewed these to each side of the hood.

Then blam! Done! Bat derp, derping up your Halloween!

The mask was cut out of an old holy tshirt quite badly.

There you have it, bat casual!


  1. LOL! I love how your pup has a concerned look in the "post-meltdown" photo!

  2. I made this today - pictures will be posted on the MR Facebook page tomorrow. Thanks so much for the great idea!! ;)