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Friday, November 18, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is Handmade, Too

UN-occupy Black Friday!!!!  The handmade community hopes that, if you purchase gifts this holiday season, you will support your fellow artists and local economies by purchasing from from small shops and handmade artisans.  From whom?  Well, Krissi's Art Studio is here to tell you what she loves.

If I had ALL the money in the world, I'd live in a palace of handmade goods.  As it is, I, like most, have to budget.  Here are a few of the items at the top of my handmade-holiday wish list!

The first thing on my OMG-I-LOVE-THIS list are these salt & pepper shakers by Sara Lynch (you can find Sara on Etsy, Facebook and Google+).

Super cute snail and hedgehog ceramic salt n pepper shakers
by Sara Lynch.  I love hedgehogs.  A LOT. 

What I REALLY wanted from Sara were her zombie pie birds.  I wanted them so much, that I didn't bother dropping hints to my hubby - I just bought two of them.  Tell her you want more.  I know a few people who want their own too!  I mean, come ON!  ZOMBIE PIE BIRDS!  I will have the coolest Thanksgiving and Christmas pies EVER.

Next, ANYTHING by Aaron Tyndall of FeralDesigns, but especially this amazing pink pearl, crystal and glass wire wrapped set.
Aaron has a wicked sense of humor, an incredible talent and an Irish Brogue
 -- and seriously, who needs more than that?

Since I started interacting with Aaron online, I wonder how I ever lived without him in my news feed!  His work is fun and creative, and his customs really keep the customer in mind - look at this piece he made for our own Brooke!

Oh, the things I want from MT Coffinz...  Let me count the ways!  First, this:

and this: 
...both from MTSpaces on Etsy, Jinx's newest shop featuring awesome household items. 

Also, these fingerless gloves are also from Jinx in her MTCoffinz shop, and they are an absolute necessity for those of us who work in chilly studios, but need our hands free.  I may be a Scrooge about turning on the heat, but I don't have to look like Bob Cratchit!  

From Brazen Cosmetics (on both ArtFire and Etsy), I would want a full pot of "Submission.

Sandi, the makeup artist behind Brazen, is AMAZING with her 'near black' colors and, while I have a sample of this one, it's not going to last much longer (hint, hint).  

Finally, I want a Baby Buttshark sculpture from Scott Krichau.  Like I REALLY REALLY want one.  
They're not listed in his shop at the moment, but if you see one come up for sale, please message me, m'kay?  I'm kinda liking a blue one.  Or green.  Or pink.  Or whatever.  I just want one.

Oh yeah.  And peace on Earth.  That would be nice too.  If the handmade community was in charge of that, we'd have it solved by now.

Whatever you believe or celebrate, I hope your winter holidays are awesome.  Lotsa love!

Krissi Sandvik is a mixed-media artist and the owner of Krissi's Art Studio, home of Skelekitty and Friends. She was recently named "best tutorialer on the web" by her friend Rachelle Rose and she publishes a tutorial or "Ask Krissi's Art Studio" feature on Fridays here at Modern Rosies.


  1. This kinda made me cry. All of those items are awesome, and all of the artist are amazing. I agree, we totally WOULD have it solved now..... if only we were in charge....

  2. Isn't it a good start knowing that there are zombie pie birds in the world, though?

  3. I'm happy to announce that a blue Buttshark is now coming my way. Oh JOY!