PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tiger Shark It! One for the Guys.

Here at Modern Rosies, we are hardcore about doing it ourselves. We are also hardcore about doing it FUN!!! And who better to pop in some fun and whimsey then Wenchkin!! There are SO many items you can tiger shark... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!

Ok, I know all the Union Riveters are women but we also understand that our men also like to play as well. This is not to say that since I labeled this one for the guys that you ladies can not go out there and rock some tiger shark teeth on a pair of heels, a toaster, hell whatever inspires you. For this I am starting with an old metal tackle box picked up from a thrift store.

I use a sharpie to draw on the outline of the mouth and rows of jagged teeth.

I paint the teeth in white first, it will take at least two coats to get close to a good solid white.

Short of that the tiger shark mouth design is fairly easy,
black background on top, red on the bottom.

I added an eye on each side for fun and am calling it done.
Simple, but so much more fun looking!

Wenchkin is the amazing artist behind Wenchcraft, the Art of Wenchkin. You can find her on Google+, on Facebook, or you can shop her ArtFire shop! She currently resides in Albuquerque with artist Scott Krichau, and their tripod Jack Russell "P."