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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Painting on Canvas Shoes... Wenchkin style!

Just in time for holiday gift giving, Wenchie comes through with her technique for painting on canvas. Imagine doing cool designs on shoes, totes, backpacks... the possibilities are ENDLESS!!!

Now this can easily go for anything canvas really.
I forgot to take a before shot as it did not occur to me till after I started doing this that maybe other people might like to see it as well.
Here is what I did to my shoes.

I did start the week beforet since these we old worn shoes and I removed the shoelaces and threw them in the washing machine then just let them dry on a shelf.
For this I use the same acrylic paint and brushes I use to paint toys as outlined in my toy previous toy painting post here

I started by mapping out an outline to paint first in sharpie. It is kind of hard to see in this picture. I then start painting in all the white parts. Since I live in the desert I do not leave paint laying out and I do a single color at a time.

Then I proceed to to adding in my second color, a bright pink to stand out against the blue nicely.

I tend to use black last since it is the darkest and hardest to get off things if you mess up some my black layer always goes on last.

then a bit of detail work to punch it all up a little bit

Now for the inside and back to drawing my outline in with sharpie. I just want the other side of her head and hair to wrap around and I want the flowers on the other side to match so they line up in front when the shoes are laced up so I did a lot of marking little dots and lining things up before fully drawing the petals on

This is the same process, just a different side. Normally I start with white first but I still had wet black on my palette, so I finished if off in the hair before going on to the white accents.

then the pink

Lastly, seal these babies in scotch guard, two coats to be on the safe side.Then you are done, ready to rock in your awesome custom kicks!!

Wenchkin is an amazing artist, specializing in muerto-inspired drawings, and thick black outlines. You can find her on Google+, on Facebook, or you can shop her ArtFire shop! She currently resides in Albuquerque with artist Scott Krichau, and their tripod Jack Russell "P."