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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cupcake Jesus AKA Salvation in a Canning Jar

Brooke here! (One of your trusty Union Riveters.) I love finding awesome products on the internet, and it is even better if they are handmade! What I love even MORE then an amazing product, is sharing them with my friends, customers, and fans! This is the first of many finds, remember to subscribe over on the right side, so as not to miss out on ONE Modern Rosies post!

The simple fact that I am a DIY designer, and shop owner, means that I have hands-down the most awesome friends. Ever. On the face of this planet. It is like being able to network with all of the most awesome people on this earth, just because you belong to the DIY community. One of these amazing friends is a gal named Brooke Harlan, who runs a shop called Brookiellen Designs. We both have toddlers with a mohawk, we both sling a sewing needle like it no one's business, and we even collaborate on the Brooke² project.

A few days ago, Brooke told me to expect a package from her in the mail. Immediately, I panicked, thinking that I had ordered a diaper cover or snack bag set from her in a sleep-deprivation stupor, has forgotten about it, and would need to stalk the mail as to not let the hubby see that I had bought more STUFF. She said no, not MADE by her, just a surprise. Well, yesterday, I had a priority box waiting patiently on my doorstep, with a return address that simply said "Cupcakes In Jars".

**cue music overlay of a choir of angels singing**

This little box was inside the larger Priority box. I was getting pretty excited at this point....  There was also a note (that Gory, my 2 year old declared was his, from his friend Ramone.) that said this random act of CUPCAKE was from Brooke, cause she is pretty much the most awesome person ever, and she thinks I am the bee's knees. ;)

This, my friends, is cupcake salvation in a jar. A little slice of pure heaven, all crammed into a small canning jar. This flavor is "Dough Yeah". It is a marriage of cookie cough, and cupcakes. I am pretty sure it was baked by angels up in heaven. Then sprinkled with crack cocaine, cause after I ate the whole thing, I would have shanked someone for another bite. ;) This cupcake was really moist, but not soggy, and the "frosting" tasted like real cookie dough! (They do not add in egg, though, so it stays fresh, and edible.) No joke, if I was pregnant, I would have cravings for NOTHING but this cupcake. Who would THINK that a cake frosted with cookie dough would be AMAZING!?!?!?!?!
If you go to the Cupcake in Jar web hop, you will not only find a huge array of deliciousness that can be baked into a jar, but they ALSO have some vegan choices, a well as some options to get cupcake sample packs! SIGN ME UP FOR THOSE!!! They have a carrot cake that I really want to try, and also a red velvet! Also, if you do not want a WHOLE cupcake in a jar, they also have these nifty little cupcake bonbons, which look to me like cake pops, without the stick! BRILLIANT!!!!! And a dozen of them for 12$ is really sensible.

I really feel this shop is an amazing way to send cupcakes, and goodies to friends and family, as a really reasonable price. All the cupcakes in jars are 6$, and that is pretty inexpensive, especially for the quality! They really are very delicious cupcakes! I should know, I am a CONNOISSEUR!So go ahead, order one (or twelve). And when you open your boy, make sure to listen carefully. Betcha you will hear angels singing when you rip into that box! ;)

Brooke is owner/designer of Brooke Van Gory Designs. She also is wife to an aspiring rock star, mommy to two rocking boys, and it currently planning to take over the world. Be on the lookout.


  1. i am salivating over here...i'm so glad you liked it!

  2. Damn, that sounds amazing... I guess I could always send some goodies to G's sister and nieces, cause I don't think they's ship internationally...

  3. Ooooh, root beer float sounds yummy! ^.^

    *bookmarks for holiday gifts*