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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Man's Perspective: Wallets

With the winter holiday gift-giving season approaching, many of us who have taken the buy-handmade pledge are left wondering, "what CAN I get for my male friends & family that will be handmade AND that they won't hate?" Well the Rosies called in our resident expert on the subject, Aaron Tyndall, who just happens to be a handmade artisan and male! (Give him a warm welcome, 'cause we'd like him to come back and tell us more handmade manly gift buying secrets!

I was asked to talk a little bit about something that would be selected by a man to buy himself or would make a good present for someone to buy for him. I was thinking about a couple of things that I might buy for myself and I'm currently nearing the time when I'll need a new wallet so I went with that!

There are a few simple criteria that a man (well, me, anyway) uses when choosing a wallet:
  1. I personally always go for something plain and dark colored. I would say most men would be the same on this, though some men will want colors (a flag, motorsport team decal, etc.) however they will be personal choices and you DON'T want to buy the wrong one now do you?
  2. It HAS to be tough, we want to buy one that does the job and keep it for years! Leather or Cordura (a heavy-weight nylon luggage fabric) are tough materials!
  3. It HAS to fit properly in a jeans front pocket, so not too big and rounded corners are good.
  4. It should have about 8 compartments for cards (Driving license, credit cards, workplace parking access card, library, etc)
  5. Strong zip closing compartments are better than velcro, again, we want to keep this for years and velcro gets stuff stuck to it quickly!
  6. I find a zip closing change compartment very handy to stop it all rattling around in my pocket!
See? I said "compartment" not "purse"!

Hmm, think that kinda covers what we mostly look for in a wallet!
No really, quite straight forward isn't it?

I was looking around and found an example that covers these criteria well! The wallet can be purchased here.

Picture Size:

It's got a zipped (ahem)"compartment", it's made of leather with sewing AND rivets so seems tough enough, rounded corners for in the pocket comfort, separate credit card slots to protect them, not too expensive...none too shabby over all!!

Aaron lives in Ireland, and is the owner and designer of Ferald Designs. You can also find his fan page on Facebook.

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