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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hot Rivet: Ant Farm Studios

Ant Farm Studios is run by a dear friend of all of the Union Riveters, Kim Mayhew. You all might remember her from the Teal Ribbon Fundraiser that the Glitter Bitches was running earlier this year. Her shop is chalk full of amazing artistic items, not just limited to paintings, but also painted babies, and art instillation pieces (She currently is working on an ART CAR!)

When Kim came to the rest of the Glitter Bitches, with the idea of doing some paintings for kid's rooms, we all gave her the BIG thumbs up! Kim herself is so whimsical, and such a free spirit, that this is the perfect avenue for her to explore. In the past, she released a children's coloring book featuring her ant illustrations (Rumor has it there may be a second book available in the near future, as well).

Once Kim started to paint, there was no holding back. The Ant Farm Studios "Kid Critters" section full of so many whimsical paintings, all of which would be PERFECT to hang in a child's bedroom, or in a nursery! Brooke's 2 year old son has 2 of them adorning his bedroom walls, and they are a wonderful conversation piece for everyone that comes to visit!

Purchasing a painting like this is also unique in the fact that this is an original piece of artwork, never to be exactly duplicated. The price is amazing (Around 20$ per painting) and since they are paintings, and not prints, they instantly become heirloom items. Brooke's hope is that one day the Ant Farm paintings that are currently in her little guy's room will one day hang in the nurseries of her grandchildren.

You can find all of Kim's items in her Artfire shop. And be sure to also follow her Facebook page, as she sometimes has sales, and will announce them there.

Every once in a while, there is a shop that one of the Union Riveters needs to share with the whole world. We want to shout our love from the rooftops! So we will do it here, in the form of a "Hot Rivet". These are amazing products and shops that we feel you all need to know about. All of these posts will be available just by clicking on the tab at the top of the blog that says "Hot Rivets".

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